About Umeda

PASSION product created – society will contribute through the company’s business

Passion is a product created. “look factory” and using a production management software FPIsys to “attractive obtain factory”, be carried out honestly in good faith. Did on natural implementation of the obvious things, I would like you to use a product that was produced in our company, we are willing to customers.

Throughout the product, with all your (gratitude) to products that. I put such a thought to realize a social contribution, we will deliver to our customers.

In trust of technology and state-of-the-art equipment, realize the lust Manufacturing

Umeda industry, from a variety of customers, we have received your order more than the monthly average of 300,000 points. To take advantage of the latest equipment to the fullest, to achieve high quality in a wide range of processing field. Source of thorough system that you are able to peace of mind to our customers, from the prototype to mass production 1 goods ones, flexible we will correspond. In addition, fast delivery products, aiming to satisfy our manufacturer in focus to quality and delivery that can cope with urgent goods, we have to strive every day.


Bending is a work by way of putting pressure on certain parts so that occurs on the part of the plastis deformation of pressurized.

Punching is the process of making the holes on the surface of the plates by using turrets are pressed with great power.

This machine masters every task with reliability and productivity and its whole performance can be activated quickly and simply.

Shearing is the cutting of sheet metal coil or sheet metal sheet part smaller sections with shear cutting machine.