1947 March Founded as a main design and manufacture and sale of motor transformer in Kumagaya, Saitama Prefecture
1956 June Start stamping parts manufacturing
1957 July Start founded sheet metal processing a limited company Umeda Seisakusho in capital 600,000 yen
1957 September Production start of the press die
1973 October Capital increased to 5 million yen
1974 June Company name to Umeda Industry Co., Ltd., organizational changes
1981 May Gyoda factory construction, relocated, expanded to increase production system
1983 September Capital increase to 10 million yen in capital
1984 May The new plant was established land acquisition First Year of Heisei March New headquarters plant completed, relocation
1995 April Production management system development portion wound
1995 June Indonesia factory founded with capital US $ 500,000 (PT.UMEDA KOGYO INDONESIA)
1996 June Indonesia factory production start
2000 October Capital increase to Indonesia factory US $ 1,100,000
2001 June Indonesia factory extension completed. Become 4,898㎡
2001 September Capital increase to 50 million yen capital
2008 June ISO9001:2008 acquisition
2010 November Indonesia factory expansion extension land: 16,781㎡ (5,085 square meters), floor area: 12,802㎡ (3,880 square meters)
2013 June PT.UMEDAKOGYO INDONESIA sale of shares
2013 October PT.UMEDA FACTORY INDONESIA start establishment and production
2015 November Be certified in Saitama Prefecture, management innovation plan companies