Umeda industry, especially in the precision sheet metal, has been engaged in metal processing of a wide range of fields, That and know-how that has been cultivated until today, by fusing the latest equipment and information systems, we deliver a product that suggestions that there is a trust of optimal production methods that meet the customer’s needs, In addition, fast delivery products, aiming to satisfy our manufacturer in focus to quality and delivery that can cope with urgent goods, we have to strive every day.

State the art equipment

The Company, in order to pursue the production efficiency and better quality, always aware of the state-of-the-art facilities, will continue to lead the metal processing industry. On the other hand, in the machine and to above all cherish beyond craftsmanship, we are focusing so as to inherit and develop the “know-how” with veteran employees to other employees. As a one of the means, the accumulation of know-how of using IT technology and veteran, to continue the transfer and re-use and improvement, improvement of the overall technology level employees, we aim to improve the quality

U.F.I Product